Garden Clearance

I feel sometimes people aren’t sure what we mean when we say ‘garden clearance’. I suppose what we mean is: we will clear all the weeds, prune & trim shrubs and trees, find the borders and get them clear again, amongst other things! Essentially, we want to help you restore your garden back to its’ former glory; or enable you to see its’ full potential by getting it neat and tidy again.

So for example, here’s some images of a recent garden clearance we have started:


Giving the shrubs a bit of shape again, and sorting the overgrown grass underneath.


A flower bed and Cornish wall needing a little attention.


Trying to re-establish the edge of the path, where the edging bricks have got a little lost!


Time to cut down the very long grass of a steep bank. Much tidier!


Somewhere in here was a bed with rose bushes and a rose-hip, with terracotta edging needing to be relaid.


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