Late summer tidy ups…

It’s been a busy year for everyone at Green Envy, we’ve been working hard (and safely) all the way through this pandemic; even taking on another member of staff.
In the last couple of months we’ve been busy getting gardens ready for winter!
Here’s a few before and after shots on some of the more unruly properties recently; lots of weeds to dig out (brambles galore), ivy to diminish, and shrubs to prune back:

The Second Step of Change

Earlier this year we replaced an old and storm damaged fence for a customer.

Now, we’ve been back, on the second step of the journey to redesign this space. We’re after a relaxing space, with less grass to keep on top of. For this stage, we’ve focused on the bottom half of the garden to create a new decking area and wide border bed, to allow for shrubs and some climbers along the fence.

The next steps involve laying a unique patio and slate chipping design on the opposite side of the garden, with some raised beds, to really pull the garden together as a whole.

A Little Cut Back

We were told that somewhere under here, there was a wall to be found. But the flowers are lovely when out, so instead of removing completely, a hefty trim was in order. A tricky job, to be done by hand to ensure the plants are cut back in the right place.

Et Voila! A beautiful bit of walling has been unveiled,
without taking away any of the summertime display.