Keeping others out – and the dog in!

Sometimes things just need a finishing touch. This Cornish slate wall was hidden under thick ivy, which we cleared. No-one knows why the block section was there… Perhaps an old gateway which was blocked up?
We then constructed a feather-edge fence to match and join up the 2 side fences, which were at completely different heights; as is the way with Cornish gardens! Much more privacy, and no more escaping pets.

Giving An Unused Area a New Lease of Life

Sometimes there are big spaces in gardens which hold a lot of potential, they just take a bit of working at to realise it! In this case, a big unused area has been transformed into a hideaway corner of the garden with a patio area and a raised bed. The beautiful green slate brings out the bright colours of the flowers, and really ties this whole side of the garden together.

Stage two coming soon- watch this space