The Second Step of Change

Earlier this year we replaced an old and storm damaged fence for a customer.

Now, we’ve been back, on the second step of the journey to redesign this space. We’re after a relaxing space, with less grass to keep on top of. For this stage, we’ve focused on the bottom half of the garden to create a new decking area and wide border bed, to allow for shrubs and some climbers along the fence.

The next steps involve laying a unique patio and slate chipping design on the opposite side of the garden, with some raised beds, to really pull the garden together as a whole.

Garden Re-design!

This back garden was in need of a little TLC.

Being the easiest access to the car, mud was being brought back and forth across the carpark and the house. The patio area was too small, no bench could be put on it. Storage containers couldn’t sit flat as the garden was too uneven.

Now, there’s a place for the storage containers, a place for the bins, and a path from the gate to the back door- so no more mud!