Giving An Unused Area a New Lease of Life

Sometimes there are big spaces in gardens which hold a lot of potential, they just take a bit of working at to realise it! In this case, a big unused area has been transformed into a hideaway corner of the garden with a patio area and a raised bed. The beautiful green slate brings out the bright colours of the flowers, and really ties this whole side of the garden together.

Stage two coming soon- watch this space

Out With The Old, In With The New

We visit a lot of new housing estates where the gardens are done to the same plan. It’s nice to put a more personal touch to their gardens, and make it more suitable for their lifestyle. Here is an example of one we have recently started.
We will be continuing the gravel all the way down the side, and the clients have now decided to extend the patio to the far end of the garden- so part 2 will be on the way soon!