A Little Cut Back

We were told that somewhere under here, there was a wall to be found. But the flowers are lovely when out, so instead of removing completely, a hefty trim was in order. A tricky job, to be done by hand to ensure the plants are cut back in the right place.

Et Voila! A beautiful bit of walling has been unveiled,
without taking away any of the summertime display.

Still time to get your gardens cleared out!

Despite the unpredictable weather this week, we’ve been busy in North Cornwall helping to restore some order to a large garden.

There were borders to clear and hedges to trim, as well as some steps to make level and a railing to secure.

After 2 days there’s significant progress. Eventually the shed will be removed and a new one situated in place of the greenhouse.

So if you’re in need of some helping hands to get things back under control give us a call or drop us an email on the ‘contact us’ page.