Giving An Unused Area a New Lease of Life

Sometimes there are big spaces in gardens which hold a lot of potential, they just take a bit of working at to realise it! In this case, a big unused area has been transformed into a hideaway corner of the garden with a patio area and a raised bed. The beautiful green slate brings out the bright colours of the flowers, and really ties this whole side of the garden together.

Stage two coming soon- watch this space

Garden Re-design!

This back garden was in need of a little TLC.

Being the easiest access to the car, mud was being brought back and forth across the carpark and the house. The patio area was too small, no bench could be put on it. Storage containers couldn’t sit flat as the garden was too uneven.

Now, there’s a place for the storage containers, a place for the bins, and a path from the gate to the back door- so no more mud!